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 high glossy laminate flooring


With higher requirments for home decoration from clients,more and more people are seeking detinguished high glossy timber laminate wood flooring whose gloss is in a range of 50°-80 with high reflective effect.The shiny high glossy laminate flooring looks really attractive!

The manufacturing process of high gloss timber laminate flooring is quite different from common ones or we could say the process is much more difficult.To achieve the high gloss ,a spcecial wear layer- 46g/m2 wear resistant decorative layer is needed.To make this special high gloss layer,UV cure resin content & equipment temperature control should be very strictly controlled or the laminate flooring surface checking will appear after layer pressing.


Another difficulty is steel molding part used in the pressing manufacturing process for high gloss laminate flooring,which should be with 100-110°gloss that is much more expensive than normal procedures.Many manufacturers would not produce high gloss laminate flooring as the defect rate during manufacturing process is much higher than normal ones.Any slight scratch or pollution during manufacturing process will make the end products unqualified.

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