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Floating Floor Installation

HDF floating timber floor installation steps


Keep the floating timber floor boards longitudinal direction parallel with sunlight  shedding direction from outside windows.Long strip floating floor should be laid in same longitudinal direction as rooms in order to keep the stability of the floor board.

floating floor installation-I

I. When more than one big rooms need to be laid with floating floor,we need to prepare transition profiles for aisles,leave 10mm gap in advance for some fixtures and wall.Based on maximam length 10m,total maximam 100m2,1.5mm for one meter is necessary.The gap left is intended for wood floor board expanding.


II. Clean the subfloor,make sure the subfloor is smooth,then set on the moisture barrier.The EPE moisture barrier should be in a thickness of 2-2.5mm,leave 1-3" gap against the wall.Now we could put some floating board on to the moisture barrier, with 5-10 row as the first phase.Notice the first floating floor board should be face wall with groove side,from right side to left side to do the job.



III. Used some wedges to fix the first row of the floor board near the wall to garantee sufficient gap that we must have.The unfinished first row board should be used on the the begining of the second row while the joint of second row floor board should stagger around 30mm with the first row.The put the third row boards connecting with the second row floor goove joint.Make sure the strip floors in each rows joint tightly with another.It's better you have someone to step on the floor boards and raise a liitle from one side,push the board until the joint gap have been tightly locked.


IV. The last pieces of each floating strip floor has to be installed as the next:
Put the floor board upside down and with groove side touch on groove side of another board.leaving a gap 10mm against the wall.


V. If the door frame in rooms already attached ,it will be cut off from the end to garantee 10mm gap between door and flooring surface.If we want to keep the door frame as it is,the wood floor should be also left a gap of 10mm at least.




VI.  From left to right,the last row of floors to be installed will be fitted most perfectly to another.Meaure the raining boards & the wall,put the fitted offcut boards in another groove joint in tightly.

Last steps:

Remove all fixtures,fix the wood floor skirting board along room wall base,cover some imperfect palces with glues.