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Timber flooring prices


C&L hardwood Update the  timber flooring prices list  of our china factory from time to time with below tables:


Below hardwood timber species are just a part of solid timber floors we could do,if customers have some

unique requirments,any inquiries from you will be welcomed and we will try to reply you in 24hours.


Below timber flooring price lists is taken for references only as our warehouse stock,raw material stock & the

timber cost in market always change from time to time.If you want to get the exact timber flooring prices

for particular wood species with specified sizes & grade,you are encouraged to send us any inquiry.


As you may concerned as below tables,the timber flooring price information is based on polished  & unpolished

in separated forms .Polished timber flooring costs normally 3-5USD/m2 higher than unpolished as one more 

coating process will be done in factory by machines.All prices should be considered as EXW factory cost in

China. If you want to get the exact cost including all charges to your country ,we can send you our real time cost 

from our shipping agent including all related charges to the  port in your country.


Customer should be aware of our price lists is based on A/AB quality standard solid timber which are all  

selected Grade wood with little flaws on surface.


      Hardwood Timber flooring Price List - I




            Finish                           Quantity      Price               
Oak            450x90x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                   500M2        29$/M2
Taun/Pometia 450-910x90/120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 1500M2        23$/M2
Iroko 610x120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 500M2        28$/m2
Okan 610x93x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 2000M2        25.5$/m2
Merbau 450-910x90/120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 300M2        31$/M2
Kempas 450-910x90/120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 600M2        30$/M2
Acacia 300-1200x120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 1000M2        32$/M2
Brazilian Teak 450-910x123x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                 1000M2        38$/M2
Brazilian Walnut 300-1200x90x18mm/pcs Unfinished                  300M2        47$/M2
Chinese Teak 300-1200x120x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                  800M2        31$/M2
American Walnut 300-1200x90x18mm/pcs Unfinished                  200M2        48$/M2
Teak Finger Jointed 1200x120x15mm/pcs Finished with Foam Back                  500M2        28$/M2
Burma Teak 760x122x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                  200M2        63$/M2
Massaranduba 910x125x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                  100M2         32$/M2
Massaranduba 910x93x18mm/pcs UV cured coating                   100M2         35$/M2




      Unfinished hardwood timber flooring price List - II


Name Dimension Finish Quantity Price
Oak 300-1500x122x18mm/pcs Unpolished 500M2 26$/m2
Iroko 450-900x122x18mm/pcs Unpolished 600M2 24$/m2
Merbau 450-1200x93/122x18mm/pcs Unpolished 1000M2 26$/m2
Kempas 300-1200x93/120x18mm/pcs Unpolished 600M2 27$/m2
Brazilian Teak 450-910x75/93/122x18mm/pcs Unpolished 2000M2 31$/m2
American Walnut 300-1200x93x18mm/pcs Unpolished 180M2 46$/m2
Brazilian walnut/Ipe 450-1200x90/122x18mm/pcs Unpolished  200M2 45$/m2
Burma Teak 300-1200x122x18mm/pcs Unpolished  500M2 58$/m2



     Timber laminate flooring price list


Name  Dimension Prices  Wear Rating  Surface
 HDF  laminate flooring  808x131x12mm/1219x198x18mm etc 6.5-6.8USD/M2(20ft container)  AC2-AC4  Smooth/Crystal surface
 HDF  laminate flooring  808x131x12mm/1219x198x12mm etc 6.5-6.8USD/M2(20tl container)  AC2-AC4  Handscraped
 HDF  laminate flooring  1219x198x8.3mm etc 4.5-4.8USD/M2(20ft container)  AC2-AC4  Smooth/Crystal surface
 HDF  laminate flooring  1219x198x8.3mm etc 4.5-4.8USD/M2(20ft container)  AC2-AC4  Handscraped
 MDF  laminate flooring  1219x198x8.3mm etc 3.5-3.9USD/M2(20ft container)  AC2-AC4  Smooth/Crystal surface
 HDF laminate flooring  1219x198x7.3mm etc 4.3-4.8USD/M2(20ft container)  AC2-AC4  smooth/Crystal surface



     Ash Finger Jointed Solid Wood Board price (updated 2012.6 )


Name Dimension(mm) Grade Price Unit Remarks
Ash Finger Jointed Board 1220up*1820*910*30/35 AB 2057 USD/CBM JAS(table use)
Ash Finger Jointed Board 500up*800*910*20/24 AB 1746 USD/CBM JAS(straight grain)
Ash Finger Jointed Board 900up*1800*910*20/24 AB 1904 USD/CBM JAS(straight grain)
Ash Finger Jointed Board 300up*800*200up*18/20 AB 1270 USD/CBM Straight/Mountain Grain
Ash Finger Jointed Board 900up*1400*200up*18/20 AB 1429 USD/CBM Straight/Mountain Grain
Ash Finger Jointed Board 1500up*1800*200up*18/20 AB 1745 USD/CBM Mountain Grain



Stock Update  (NEW  2013.1.8)   / Quantity(1000M2)


 Name  Dimension  Grade  Price
 Rustic Oak Engineered flooring  1900x190x10/2MM  ABC  EXW 16.5USD/M2
 10mm oak engineered parquet      


Stock Update : Precious Asian Rose Wood (NEW  2013.1.17)   / Quantity(1250M2)


  Name  Dimension  Grade  Price
 Solid Asian Rosewood Hardwood Finger Jointed Flooring  1200x150x15mm  AB  EXW55-58USD/M2
 Asian rosewood solid finger joint floors      


 Stock Update:  American Walnut Engineered Flooring ( 2013.1.19) / Quantity( 8000M2)


 Name  Dimension  Grade  Price
 Clear Grade American Walnut Engineered Wood Flooring  910x127x15mm  AA  EXW 23.5USD
 Walnut flooring stock      


 Stock Update:  3 ply engineered wood flooring ( 2013.1.22) / Quantity( 15000M2)


 Name  Dimension  Grade  Price
 Oak,Walnut,Maple,Cherry  1210x165x15mm (2-3mm toplayer thickness)  AB  19.5-22.5USD/M2
 3 ply engineered flooring      


Stock Update:  3/4" solid hardwood floor ( 2013.1.24) / Quantity  ( 1500M2)


 STOCK SOLID WOOD FLOOR  (500M2 in total)  Check the item name and package details(left)
 STOCK SOLID WOOD FLOOR   (500M2 in total)  Check the item name and package details(left)
 STOCK  SOLID WOOD FLOOR  (500M2 in total)  Check the item name and package details(left)





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