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About Hardwood Teak (Burma Origin) Flooring


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Teak Hardwood flooring

Teak is considered as one of the best wood flooring material with extraordinary high resistance to dampness,decay,bacteria & termite attack across the world.True teak wood hundreds of years do not decay is never a legend!


About teak wood


The wood is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family Verbenaceae.Teak is especially noted for its unique capability to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the teak material to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds.


Also,  teak wood resin typically has an oil in its Galih (Cambium/heartwood) that is highly water resistant. This content alone can protect the Teak from decay, insects, and bacteria. At the same time, the combination of unique Teak tree content and thick fibers make it easier to cut and then later sculpt into pleasing forms. Because of this special characteristic, not found in other trees, there has always been interest in using teak wood for various types of timber flooring,decking,furnitures,ship building,door,cabinet,wall panel etc.

Teak wood in the market today comes from many different regions,so you can find many other wood crowned as the name of "teak",like African teak(Iroko),Chinese Teak(Robinia),Brazilian Teak(Cumaru) etc. True teak originated mainly from south east asia countries like Burma,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand.The most valuebale teak is from Thailand,but it is prohibited for exporting due to the teak natural forest over cutting & the shortage of natural teak raw wood in thailand.

C&L hardwood supply hardwood teak flooring Acacia flooring originated from Burma plantation forests,where has the best weather condition to breed the best teak wood to replace thailand teak.Comparing with indonesia teak and malaysia teak,burma teak solid floor still better in natural characteristics of smell,resin contet & colors.If you want to study further,pls go to wikipedia to learn more on  teak.


Teak  solid timber flooring board dimensions:

Fixed length teak hardwood parquet: 450x90x18mm/pcs

Fixed length wide teak board: 610x93x18mm/pcs,610x122x18mm/pcs,910x122x18mm/pcs

Random length strip hardwood  teak  flooring: 450-850x75x18mm/pcs

Random length wide board: 450-1200x122x18mm/pcs

Other non standard size teak flooring could also been miled according customer requirments.

Teak  wood flooring Grade:

C&L hardwood use premier grade teak timber imported from Burma  to processing in our factory as solid teak hardwood flooring.The Premier Grade teak  from us is a garantee of more unniform in color varations,little flaws,cracking or knots are seen on the finished surface.C&L hardwood supply also AB Grade or ABC Grade teak floor upon clients' requirments.

Edges and Side:

C&L hardwood mill the solid teak wood with four side Tongue & Groove Joint,board to board fit perfectly to each other,very easy to installation.Each board is with slightly 45°Micro-beveled Edge,which makes the flooring overview more soft & elegant.


Moisture Content:

Normally the teak raw wood is properply dried under a MC of 12% in order to produce a qualfied timber floor.C&L hardwood factory present a report as a proof that each batch of our solid teak timber floor keeps with moisture content in the range of 10%-12%AD.

Coating of teak flooring:

Solid burma teak flooring from C&L hardwood are sealed by primer UV finish on all six sides , the finish enhances the dampness resistance to garantee the board stability after long time use. Solid teak flooring surface coating is applied by 8 layers primer finishes,4 layers top finishes.The top finish we use germany treffert aluminium oxide UV coating which greatly enhanced the scratch resistance of the  timber flooring.


C&L hardwood burma teak solid flooring has a warranty of 50years structural under proper maintaince.7 years surface UV coating wear though warranties.5 times more sanding and refinish on the teak floors is absolutely possible.




Unfinished Teak Flooring Oiled Teak Parquet Flooring
Engineered Teak Hardwood Flrooing Finger Jointed Solid Teak Flooring
Solid African Teak Flooring Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring
Teak Deck Flooring Raw Teak Floor Board





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ROUGH SAWN BOARD 1''×4''-8''×4'-9'
ROUGH SAWN BOARD 2''×4''-8''×4'-9'
Solid T&G flooring board 10×70×300-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 12×90×300-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 14×90×300-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 15×90×300-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 15×90×600-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 15×120×300-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 15×120×600-1500(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 18×145×450-1200(mm)
Solid T&G flooring board 15×90×1820(mm)
Hardwood flooring(Finger joint) 15×90×1820(mm)
Hardwood flooring(Finger joint) 15×120×1820(mm)
Teak Hardwood decking 8×37×1800-3100(mm)
Teak Hardwood decking 8×41×1800-3100(mm)
Large flooring 22×140×600-2400(mm)
Large flooring 22×140×1200-2400(mm)
Outdoor flooring  19×95×600-2400(mm)
Outdoor flooring  19×120×600-2400(mm)
Outdoor flooring  19×150×600-2400(mm)
Rubber injected  12×90×300-1200(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 2×130×920(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 2×100×920(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 3×130×920(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 4×100×920(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 4×130×923(mm)
Engineered teak flooring toplayer 4×100×920(mm)
Teak laminated flooring 15×190×900-2400(mm)
Teak laminated flooring 15×170×900-2400(mm)
teak laminated flooring 15×145×900-2400(mm)
Teak laminated flooring 15×120×900-2400(mm)
Teak laminated flooring 15×90×900-2400(mm)





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