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Solid Timber Floor Manufacturing

solid timber flooring manufacturing-I

Raw timber material preinspection

solid timber floor manufacturing-II

Stack up raw timber after Inspection

timber floor manufacturing

                  End groove cutting for solid timber floor board

manufacturing process-timber floors

                      Flaws sanding by hand from workers

solid wood floor manufacturing process

                  Base primer spraying on back side

timber flooring manufacturing-V

                            Last primer coating process


                 Six sides primer coating application by machine

solid timber floor manuafacturing -VII

             Timber floor board with six side primer coating

hardwood timber floor processing

                       Timber flooring ready to apply face coating

hardwood timber floor manufacturing process

                          Face coating production line

timber floor board manufacturing

                       Sanding again before face coating   

timber flooring processing in factory

          Second inspection  in the middle of production line

china factory processing for solid timber floor

                  Inspection after timber floor face coating process

prefinished timber flooring manufacturing process

        After face coating arrive end of production line          

timber flooring maching

                         Solid timber flooring packing up 

factory timber flooring manufacturing process

              Timber flooring brought into warehouse