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chestnut hardwood flooring


natural chestnut hardwood flooring


The chestnut hardwood flooring supplied by C&L hardwood with raw material originated from Central Part of China,which is an advantage wood species in cost comparing with other exotic wood.


Chestnut is a wood similar to oak with little difference in wood grains as well as hardness & durability.Therefore there are many people in China call it Chinese oak.Actually chestnut is even more harder than oak. See the wood properties as following:


 Scientific Name  Castanea Sativa
 Distribution  Aisa or Europe
 Density  0.54g/cm3
Tree size  L - 30-37M, DIA - 0.5-2M
 Rupture Strength   71410Kpa
 Shrinkage  R-4.2%,T-6.9%, T/R=1.6
 Janka Hardness  680lbf.


The prominent features of the chestnut hardwood is to be processed with hand scrape, distressed or carbonized flooring surface.


Both engineered click and solid T&G chestnut Acacia flooring wood flooring are avallable from C&L hardwood.


The board dimensions include:  910x125x15mm/1210x165x15mm    RLX120X90X18MM etc


To know further details regarding the chestnut hardwood flooring,pls send us inquiry for explanation.

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