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Solid Timber Flooring Installation Guide


When come to installation of solid timber flooring,the most common way will be Naildown.As solid timber flooring installation is much more complicated than floating floors like laminate or engineered flooring,a successful installation for solid timber floors become the most important factor which decide how long you could enjoy the wood beauty and how much you could save after the first installation cost.Pls take the following descriptions as the reference to your successful solid timber floor installation.


I. Jobsite Conditions required before Solid timber floor installation


1.  Subfloor(Base floor) should be kept dried.

2.  Room space should be dry before installation.

3.  Interior humidity shoudl be in the average conditions in local enviroment.

4.All work in wetness like plastering,painting,masonary etc should be completely dried.

5.Keep room ventilation system works well in warm days.

6.Doors and windows must be enclosed & interior drainage system need to be insulated.


II. Preparations & accessories needed for Installation


1. Choose a suitable size wood joist onto subfloor concret,we suggest 40x15-20mm as the ideal specification.

2. Use Pneumatic dirll making a hole on the wood beam and nail down the wood beam firmly onto the subfloor(concret),the drilling depth should be kept at around 25mm.

3. Solid timber floor board for home use we do not recommend you to replace the wood joist with foam or 9mm plywood,if a must, choose 12mm plywood as substrate,where the timber floor board will be nailed down onto.Cutting the plywood into 600x600mm/pcs, from plywood to plywood leave a gap with 5--10mm,fix the plywood onto the wood joist.

As solid floor board always comes in different dimensions, we advise the length of each board to be less in 1200mm,although longer solid wood floor board will be more convenient for installation.However longer solid timber flooring board is more likely to bend or cup .Width less than 120mm & Length less than 1200mm is usually conform with national standard.

A surplus of 5% for the wood board is needed in case of the wood flooring offcut waste occures.Choose a local supplier to install your solid timber flooring as whenever you come into troubles after first time installation,you will be garanteed by their aftersale service.

Other wood flooring accessories needed are underlayer dampness & water proof foam,hardwood skirting board,T profiles or other flooring profiles.


III. Steps of Solid timber flooring installation


1. The underlayer foam will be put firstly onto subflooring (concret),it functions as waterproof & anti dampness material .Thickness of 1.5-2.5mm will be most ideal.


2. Fix the wood joist onto the concret.

3. Lay the solid timber floor board onto wood joist and use nail down machine-pneumatic gun to fix, glues are not reuiqred in consideration of Enviroment protection.

timber flooring installation - IITIMBER FLOORING INSTALLATION-III

4.Labor workers seal the gap left from wood board to the foot of wall by wood skiting board.

5.Cleaning the debris & foot prints or stains etc left on the timber floor board.