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Solid timber flooring warranties

Solid timber flooring warranties

As solid timber flooring is much more durable than timber laminate flooring or engineered timber flooring, the warranties like how long it can be used has become the mostly concerned issue by clients.No suppliers or manufacturers would promise all solid timber with same warranties because of the different wood natural properties.Before purchase we must consider following pre-conditions.

I. Solid Timber flooring Finish Warranties

A box of new prefinished solid timber floor board should be free of defects on the flooring surface for the coating.No peel off,crack,pinhole,stain or unproper adhesion appears on the coating surface.Normally the solid timber floor finish warranties for residential use reaches 25 years under proper maintaince.Sharp & Hard object like high heel shoes,pet's paw damage etc are not included in the warranty claims.C&L hardwood promise the solid hardwood timber flooing finish is applied by 7layers primer finish & 4 layers treffert top finish.

II. Hardwood Timber Quality Warranties

Before purchase,clients should be aware of which wood species they are choose & what timber grade they would use.Different timber species with different properties in hardness,dimension stability,Color tone contrast,termite resistance & sunlight sensibility etc.So for the hardwood timber quality warranties are all based on these preconditions,clients should make clear all these details in case after installation complaints occurs.

If we are looking for a solid timber for residential use,there could be a wide selection of wood species.Most of timber flooring for residential use in bedroom,living room,dining hall etc comes all with hardness above 1010psi.While for commercial use the solid timber must be a high hardness,like Cumaru,Ipe,Okan,etc with hardness above 2500psi.Only the timber with such a high janka hardness rating would garantee a long time use under high traffic area such as dancing floor,sport stadium areas etc.


Board Warp & Shrinkage:    


WARP:     Hardwood board Should be less than 0.5% in length,  less than 0.1% (convex/concave),less than 0.2% in width.

SHRINKAGE:   Hardwood  timber board Should be within ±0.2mm in thickness,  within ±0.2mm in width, within ±0.1mm in length.