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Unfinished Merbau Flooring

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Brand Name: C&L
Place of Origin: Malaysia/Indonesia
Density: 0.85g/cm3
Botanical Name: Intsia.palembanica
Janka Hardness: 1710psi
Termite Resistance: High
Condition: KD
Finish: Non
Grade: Selected & Better
Photosensitivity: Weak
Installation: Nail Down
Modulus of Rupture: 16679psi


Merbau Timber Properties:


merbau wood properties


Quantity less than 5000S.Q.F will be 25 dyas lead time after order confirmatiom

We offer either FOB price or CIF price which including the marine cost to destination port of client.

We also offer door to door service of transportation for client which must be confirmed with client before shiping as well as make agreement with client.

Sampling will be free of charge,client only  pay the freight cost.

Merbau as one classical wood for hardwood flooring material is prefered by clients in many coutries,like Europe,Russia & Asia etc.

Many customers purchase unfinished merbau wood flooring to apply the finish on their jobsite.

Even without finish,similar to teak,merbau wood has very excellent termite,fugi resistance which can be used above 25 years or more.

On the other hand ,Properly Kiln dried merbau with MC below 10% comes in good dimensional stability,even in some extrem damp or hot enviroment conditins,the wood shrink or expanding movement is minimal.

C&L hardwood in China supply the unfinished merbau hardwood flooring in different sizes:

450x90x18mm, 610x90x18mm, 910x90x18mm, 1200x140x20mm etc solid T&G hardwood flooring

Unfinished engineered merbau flooring,like one strip multi ply or 3 ply 3 strip engineered merbau parquet are also availlable from our company.

We could mill micro beveled edge or square edge joint merbau flooring according to customer requirments!

merbau parquet flooring

unpolished merbau