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teak wood floor tile

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Brand Name: C&L Hardwood
Density: high
Place of Origin: Asia
Botanical Name: Gradis Tectona
Termite Resistance: high
Condition: KD 8%-12%
Janka Hardness: 1010
Finish: smooth
Grade: AB
Photosensitivity: weak
Modulus of Rupture: 122490Kpa
Installation: Nail down

Quantity less than 5000S.Q.F lead time will be 25 dyas after order confirmatiom.

We offer either FOB price or CIF price which including the marine cost to destination port of client.

We also offer door to door service of transportation for client which must be confirmed with client before shiping as well as make agreement with client.

Sampling will be free of charge,client  pay the freight cost only.

One face Reeded  Oiled Asian Teak Decking

Although teak is a unique wood material which do not need special maintenance for outdoor use with very strong natural weathering resistance, teak decking will be more likely to reserve the natural beauty with our special outdoor use wood oli.In case of any damage on the wood surface ,the oil will protect the teak decking material from weathering effect.

The oil for reeded teak decking is actually blended with natural resins & oils,which is transparent in colors.The oils drys quickly after application on decking wood surface.2-3 coatings layers is enough to functions as protective layer.The oil special compositions will make the decking material more water repellent & weathering resistant.

C&L hardwood supply also the preservative exterior use teak decking oils in packed bottles to our customers whenever they need after teak outdoor decking been used for a few times.

If you want to make the oiled decking on yourself,C&L hardwood will supply unfinished teak decking and all people could make the DIY job.

Make Sure the reeded surface decking is completely dried before applying the oil on it.Each coating application should be performed 12-24hours after the previous one and 3-4 wood oil coats are good enough to preserve the teak decking.