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Why choose Acacia flooring for kids room
2016-10-24 19:15:00

Adults are very concerned about their children's decorative environment and want their children to live in a healthy, environmentally friendly environment. So which Acacia flooring is suitable for kids' bedroom? 

Do not use plastic floor, there are some plastic products like puzzle flooring, that will release a lot of volatile organic substances, may affect the health of the child. Do not lay marble or tiles, they will release radon pollution. The lower, the density of radon will be higher, especially harmful to crawling infants. While some families are afraid of children falling, a large area is covered with wool carpets. Especially in summer, blankets will be breeding mites and other parasites, easy to make children suffering from respiratory diseases and a variety of chemical fiber blanket will cause allergic reactions. 

Acacia flooring

First of all, the flooring should have a warm touch, and easy to clean. You can choose Acacia flooring with rugged patterns, seams. Because small things fall into concave joints accidentally that may become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these patterns and seams are also easy to stumble over the toddler. Secondly, Acacia flooring is not only easy to clean, but also softer and has better anti-slipping performance than other flooring for children.