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Which timber flooring is suitable for kindergarten?
2016-07-28 18:26:00

Kindergarten is a special place for children. As for its flooring, it must meet the following features: 

1. Anti-slipping. In kindergarten, children are very young, the flooring must be anti-slipping.

2. Waterproof. Children may have a pee or like playing with water. It is dangerous to play on wet floor. 

3. Environmental friendly. The environment is very important for children's health. Green and environmental friendly timber flooring is necessary. 

4. Wear resistance. Children are fond of playing and rolling on the floor even all day so that high wear-resistant floor can last longer. 

First, tile is hard and will hurt the child. It is not suggested. Therefore, more and more kindergartens prefer timber flooring. Timber laminate flooring is suitable for kindergarten. Someone may worry about formaldehyde, in fact, as long as a healthy and environmentally friendly timber laminate flooring will be ok. It is not only economic and affordable but also safe. It is better to set a layer of moisture-proof paper under timber laminate flooring to prevent children falling injured. Timber laminate flooring has good flexibility since children can play on the floor comfortably and happily!

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