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Which hardwood timber flooring is suitable for KTV?
2016-09-19 19:20:00

KTV decoration is selective for personality and visual enjoyment. We usually go to KTV and will notice a lot of KTV choose darker color hardwood timber flooring, antique timber flooring, parquet flooring, or covered with carpet. However, carpet is not easy for cleaning. So which hardwood timber flooring is suitable for KTV?

1. Same rhythm and cadence

Successful construction always change silent item into active rhythm. Accordingly, in the choice of surface decoration of KTV, the materials should also be in line with KTV's rhythm and cadence. The general choice is dark color hardwood timber flooring, which is in coordinate with the overall style.

2. Symmetric equilibrium 

Now people tend to change partial symmetric and create contrast on decoration. Parquet flooring can do this. There are various kinds of parquet flooring in the market for differernt styles of KTV decoration.

3. Corridor design 

Successful KTV corridors can bring people with pleasure. Wide KTV corridor will make people feel warm and comdfortable. Narrow corridor will create a sense of uneasiness. Exquisite corridor design can make a beautiful landscape of KTV. Generally, the flooring of KTV corridor has a large range choice. You can choose a lighter color hardwood timber flooring or darker color. This is mainly determined by the corridor style of your KTV.

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