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What should be done before installing timber flooring
2016-07-18 17:52:00

Before buying timber flooring for house decoration, you should check the quality, size and quantity carefully. Before installing, it is better to put the timber flooring in the living room or somewhere dry and no sun for one or two days. Because that is good for pavement when the moisture content of timber flooring and interior moisture balance with each other.

In summer, keep the ground dry for installing timber flooring. Timber flooring can not be installed where is uneven or wet. Timber flooring must be newly paved on concrete floor after completely dry. Whether timber flooring or laminate flooring, there is a stretch ratio problem. The construction must be operated by professionals. Only a specially trained installers can accurately grasp their products and make a nice installation.

During construction, many people want faster progress of the project, completed as early as possible to live in. In fact, this is a mistake. After the end of each small project, it is appropriate to rest for one or two days. It is necessary to guarantee the quality of the project. Finally, within 48 hours after it all finished, the owners should avoid walking or place heavy objects on the floor.

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