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What kind of timber flooring is suitable for hotel?
2016-07-22 11:51:22

The decoration of hotel has significant effect on customers' impression, also affect the customer's mood. Depending on the level of the hotel, the decoration standards are not the same. So what kind of timber flooring is suitable for hotel? 

At present, the hotel is decorated with carpets and timber laminate flooring, a few tiles. The hotel's hallways and lobby or reception room are decorated with carpets, but not easy to clean. Carpet is easy to produce bacteria. Timber laminate flooring is now widely used for hote decoration. We all know that a lot of people coming and going of the hotel, so it must resist wear. Timber laminate flooring fits this requirement. From the decoration costs, we certainly want high level but with lowest cost. Timber laminate flooring is a cheap one. With the improvement of technology, there are various kinds of timber laminate flooring to fit different decoration styles. So timber laminate flooring will not only save cost but also bring you good decoration performance. Compared to carpets, timber laminate flooring is not easy to suck dust and convenient to clean up. You can choose deeper color timber laminate flooring for hotel decoration.

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