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Tips For Choosing Hardwood Timber Flooring
2016-08-26 18:34:00

Hardwood timber flooring is manufactured by dried method which has a natural pattern. It is comfortable and safe to walk on. With the reduction of natural wood resources, the price of hardwood timber flooring has increased. Here today, we will share tips for choosing hardwood timber flooring with you. 

Hardwood Timber Flooring

Moisture content 

The moisture content is the most important factor that directly affect the deformation of hardwood timber flooring. Natural wood must be dried before use. Due to different climates, so the moisture content requirements are not the same. 


Different species of wood form a variety of natural textures during growth. Hardwood timber flooring can perfectly represent these natural, clear textures and can maintain a long time. 

Color difference 

The surface color of hardwood timber flooring is naturally formed, which can not be artificially. So there will be inevitably color difference. Generally, remove different color flooring as possible before installing, the impact can be minimized.