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Right methods to wax your Acacia wood flooring
2016-08-24 15:40:00

Nowadays, hardwood floor is the preferred material for house decoration. Wax your flooring will not only make it nice but also prevent insects and moisture-proof, anti-cracking, extend the life of the floor, which is a necessary measure for wood floor maintenance. But if you wax the flooring with improper methods, it will become white, circle marks and so on. So we must find the right method to wax the floor. Here today, we will share some methods with you about how to wax your Acacia wood flooring. 

Acacia wood flooring

1. Clean up the ground and then wipe your Acacia wood flooring with diluted neutral detergent. To prevent the detergent accumulates in the trenches, the soak cloth must be dry. Do not use wax scavengers that will lead to stains and bulging.

2. Use dry cloth to wipe the floor or let it dry naturally. Wax your Acacia wood flooring after it dry completely, if not, the wax can not closely adhere to the flooring surface which will lead white phenomenon. 

3. Swing the floor wax container and stir evenly. In accordance with the direction of the wood grain, you can start to wax carefully spread the floor. The most important is to wax evenly. It's not allowed to use water during waxing. You can use a waxing tool so that you can operate easily and obtain satisfied results. 

4. After the wax surface has dried thoroughly, ask professionals to polish so that the Acacia wood flooring will be brighter. 

5. Before drying, do not walk on the Acacia wood flooring after waxing and polishing. If necessary, you can to wax it for the second time. The second time should be applied after drying completely after first time.