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Precautions of installing Acacia flooring in summer
2016-11-15 19:00:00

Summer is hot and rainy, rainy days should be avoided if you install Acacia flooring. Acacia floorings also need to be stored in a cool and dry place for 1 to 2 days to balance the moisture content of your room. There are some precautions of installing Acacia flooring in summer you should know:

1. Pay attention to the moisture content of the ground in summer. Owners need to detect the moisture content of the ground in high temperature and rainy days. The moisture content of ordinary ground is required below twenty percent. If over the standard value, dehumidification is needed to prevent arch and noise problems caused by water swelling. 

2. Fundamental process should be dealt with well. Any process of floor decoration must be very strict. Keep the floor level and clean. First to clean and remove oil or dust on the surface. If the keel laying method is required, you need to ensure that the water content of the keel is not too high. 

3. Avoid moisture when installing Acacia flooring in summer. Summer is alwayas rainy and humid, the floor must be waterproof treated, especially near the kitchen or bathroom. If it is suspended laying method, aluminum film should be applied for moistureproof. 

4. Take care of the gap between Acacia flooring. Gap is too large or too small will affect the pavement effect for the future life and may cause a lot of trouble. In high temperature season, the gap between Acacia flooring should be arranged more closely, in order to avoid the gap becomes larger in cold temperature.

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