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Necessity of Wood Health after Drying
2019-02-22 00:00:00

wood dryer

wood dryer

Drying process

   Drying is a kind of heat treatment. The moisture content in wood changes due to volatilization, 

which easily causes the change of wood size and volume, and causes internal stress in wood.

If it is not cured, it will probably cause deformation, cracking and other problems,

 so it is necessary to carry out curing treatment to eliminate the internal stress of floor billet, 

so as to stabilize the balance of billet table and water content, 

thereby improving the quality of billet and eliminating unqualified products.

   Therefore, after the floor billet is dried out of the kiln,

 it needs to be stationary in the dry material warehouse for a certain period of time.

timber floors dry Material Health Warehouse

Further Balance of Water Content in Wood

In the drying process, the moisture content of the upper and lower parts of the stack,

 the inner and outer parts of the stack, and each piece of wood are different.

 The moisture content of the wood tends to be the same when the wood is put in proper time.

The stress in wood can be released

In the drying process of wood, 

the change of moisture leads to the change of size and volume of wood in all directions, 

which results in the internal stress of wood. 

The internal stress of wood can be effectively reduced by keeping the wood in a certain period of time. 

When wood is dried and used in the production of solid wood products,

 especially wood flooring, it should be kept for at least one month.

wood dryer

The following three points should be taken as the criteria for health preservation:

1:Balanced water content according to the area used

2:Elimination of internal stresses in wood production and processing

3:Adjusting and Restoring Deformation