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How to inspect Acacia flooring for good decoration
2016-10-18 19:15:00

A good decoration has a direct impact on the housing quality of living and overall appearance. Therefore, you should know how to inspect hardwood flooring for good decoration. Here today, we will share with you about how to inspect Acacia flooring for good decoration.

1. See the color of Acacia flooring. If the color difference is too big, that will directly affect the appearance, you can request for replacement. If there is no difference, you need to see the pattern. If the pattern is almost the same, then there may be crafted wood flooring. rather than natural Acacia flooring. 

2. Inspect the Acacia flooring has sound or not. You can walk back and forth on the floor, especially against the wall. Pay more attention to the parts of the sound, repeat the move to determine the specific location of sound. In such cases, you can ask for resurfacing. The sound is caused because the construction workers use substandard materials or operate wrongly in the construction process. 

3. The final inspection is whether the surface has bore eyes, cracks, scratches. Often, scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration. If the Acacia flooring can not be repaired by waxing method, you must ask to replace.

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