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How To Identify Acacia Flooring Is Good Or Bad
2016-03-25 17:50:00

Acacia flooring is nice for house decoration, now let we share some tips to identify Acacia flooring is good or bad:

From knots. There are two kinds of knots, alive knots and dead knots. There must be knots with natural products. 

Rational distribution of alive knots will make Acacia flooring more beautiful.

From crack. Crack of medium and low Acacia flooring is inevitable, but too much is not good. Some cracks exsit 

between the wood texture that will not extend. You can use it. However, some cracks penetrate into the texture,

if so, you would better not purchase this Acacia flooring. Because the cracks will extend and have negative effect 

in the future.

From color. High quality Acacia flooring should have a natural color which is clear pattern that you can see visibly 

with your eyes. If the floor surface is heavy and thick painted, that may be intentionally to disguise the defects on 

the surface of the floor.

Acacia flooring is soft so can greatly reduce impact while slipping to fall. There is a large range of Acacia flooring 

that you can choose from, customization will be acceptable. You are welcome to contact us!