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How to Choose Good Teak Flooring for Your Home Decoration?
2016-12-22 15:21:10

With the growth of living standard, people also pursue higher living quality in every aspect of life, include home decoration. As is known to all, teak has been recognized as one of the best wood flooring materials for its strong resistance to dampness, decay, bacteria, and termite attack, and it has been tested that the high quality teak wood can last for hundreds of years but without decay. There are so many kinds of teak flooring in the market, you must be dazzled about how to choose the good one. We would like to share some tips in choosing good teak flooring for your home decoration, hope it will help you!



The true teak flooring is a good glossiness as the teak contain a lot of oil, while the fake one does not glossy on façade and seems very dry.



You  need to carefully observe the surface of the floor, it is easy to find ink line and oil stain on good teak flooring, however, these two marks would be very light on the poor quality one, or even you can not find neither on it.



Keep it in mind that the true teak flooring will be lighter than rosewood, but heavier than hemlock, which is moderate in weight, nevertheless, the fake one will be heavier, so, you can weigh it in your hands for judge.



The good teak wood nearly does not absorb any water when drop a drop water on its surface, that is also the reason why teak wood has a strong resistance to dampness; but the forged one will absorb water when compared with the good one.



The ture teak flooring has a special and comfortable fragrance but the bad one has no fragrance at all or even has pungent smell.


So now, have you got it? 

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