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Enquiries of hardwood timber flooring August-2016
2016-09-02 18:35:00

Here are enquiries of hardwood timber flooring August-2016. They need blackbutt or spotted gum hardwood flooring, flooring board, Iroko hardwood flooring sample or ask for price quote. 

1. Blackbutt or spotted gum hardwood flooring 

Do you produce above hardwood solid timber flooring? We require 250 m2 polished and treated Please advise 

2. Flooring board

Have a requirement for about 30,000 square feet of flooring board. Please send us a quote for the various designs and types of flooring board suitable for a hotel room along with its cost. Please include shipping. Regards

3. Iroko hardwood flooring sample

hi, we are a timber merchant from India and would like to have a sample of Iroko hardwood flooring planks with full bevel edge & micro bevel edge planks please do send your details 


Hi can u send me price quotation for all your wood flooring product?? Regards

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