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Create A Comfortable Environment With Acacia Flooring
2016-03-04 17:25:00

Acacia wood is a kind of very valuable species. Its flowers are very fragrant which can be used to extract flavor. 

The essential oil commonly used as a raw material of luxury perfumes and other cosmetics. Acacia's fruit, bark 

and roots of the tree contain tannin that can be used to make black dyes. Acacia wood is hard and can be used

to make valuable appliance.

Acacia wood has the advantages of high density, uniform structure, good strength and toughness. Wood floor 

that made from Acacia wood is good toughness, corrosion resistance, less shrinkage. Such a wonderful and 

unique natural color makes people feel modest and elegant.

Acacia flooring is suitable to decorate room for those artistic or high lifestyle people. Decorate the room with 

Acacia flooring, it will make people feel life and breath everywhere. It is the soul of the beat with every step. The 

Acacia flooring will be the best choice for a real gentleman. So Acacia flooring is very popular in China.

Create a comfortable environment with Acacia flooring, start to decorate your room with C&L hardwood timer

floors! If you are interested in our floors, please feel free to contact us at any time!