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C&L Hardwood offer you good quality Acacia flooring
2016-08-09 18:00:00

Imagine your new home are laying on wooden floor. Walk on bare foot and play with your children on the floor. Wood flooring not only create a warm family atmosphere, but also a lot of laughter. When you touch the Acacia floor, you will not only feel the floor smooth and delicate, but also a little bit concavity, which is to enhance the decorative effect. 

From outlook, you will find Acacia flooring has clear texture that not giving a feeling of chaos. After an antique handmade process, the whole Acacia flooring will be more three-dimensional, showing a deep cultural heritage. Painted surface of Acacia flooring looks more beautiful whether in the hall or bedroom, adding a bit more beauty and texture. Acacia flooring will not reflect glaring light even under sunshine or light which protect our eyes. 

As for our Acacia flooring, length and width have reached the relevant standards. That is convenient for a large area to lay on and can achieve the best visual effects. C&L Acacia flooring crafted from high quality acacia wood species which is corrosion resistant and moisture resistance. Dealing with small details make C&L Acacia flooring distinctive from others. You are welcome to have C&L Acacia flooring and create a natural feeling in a new home.

C&L Acacia flooring