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A Timeless Herringbone Floors
2019-02-21 23:31:00

The same floor,
Used different installation methods,,

The effects of looking will be very different.

Then after determining the floor,
Which laying method would you choose?
If you are tired of regular laying,

You can consider the laying method of the herringbone.

herringbone floors

It's not that expensive and cumbersome without fishbones.
But it has its own unique beauty.
Such as:
The Louvre in France, the Great Hall of the People in China, etc.
It is a classical case of herringbone design
it will let us know here today 
whats the method of How to install the herringbone floor

unfinished herringbone oak wood floors

Adjust the conventional laying angle of the floor,
Make it look like a  '人' shape
Not only does the monotonous floor create a three-dimensional feel,
And with different colored floors,which it makes the artistic look and presented the stereo feeling

 white grained oak herringbone flooring

Tiger wood herringbone flooring

after used short size herringbone parquet,
There will be more exquisiteness in the space, mostly used in small apartments.
It would be much better to used the big size for the house
The big size of herringbone floor which put the diagonal in both directions of the horizontal plane.
It Makes the room more atmospheric and warming

Premier UV finished white oak herringbone flooring

acacia golden walnut herringbone flooring

No matter what size of the herringbone parquet,
it makes the floor  with different style.
Bold creativity, let the floor play with personality.

golden teak herringbone flooring

Natural White Oak herringbone floors

Espresso color acacia herringbone hardwood flooring