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Wood Stair Products from C&L wood flooring
2015-04-07 08:21:00

C&L wood flooring offer production of wood stair tread for customers  

along with customers wood flooring orders.

We could produce solid hardwood stair treads, including rubber wood,oak wood,maple wood,walnut wood and teak wood.

Usually our wooden stair treads are made of finger jointed wood, with PU coating.

If customers want one plank stair tread for teak or walnut or oak, we could also provide this special high-end wood stair products

Burmese Teak Wood Stair Projects in Singapore

Acacia Wood Stair Treads with Finger jointed

Amercian Walnut Wood Stair Treads, one plaknk borad

Wood Stairs with finger jointed, for Mauritus Project

Brazilian Teak Color Stair Treads for Canadian Project

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