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Termite Proof Timber Flooring Available with Extreme Stability
2015-12-11 18:58:00

When talking about interior decoration, wooden flooring plays an important role to adorn your interior with elegance and unique looks. Wooden flooring looks more attractive and user-friendly as compare to other. Timber floors are designed with recycled boards in order to be installed in home and offices as well. It is one of the most distinctive hardwood flooring known for its long lasting beauty and high durability. There are different kinds of timber flooring available to choose one in desired color and design. You can choose either aesthetic or structure flooring for your home as per the design of your interior.

Timber flooring is made from a variety of species such as Santos mahogany, Cumaru, Kempas, Iroko, Merbau, Brazilian cherry, IPE and teak. Each type of flooring adds an aesthetic appeal to the interior’s appearance so that your home would look impeccable. All of the timber floors have accuracy in moisture content because of their finishing with high, medium and low level glossy materials. These floors are protective from bacteria, insects and UV rays because of their coating from primer coats on 7 layers and exotic coats on 4 upper layers. Different in texture, a variety of color shades is available in such floors.

Easy to install, the floors are made from 100 % real timber hardwood which is known for extreme hardness. These floorings are free from Janka harness and available with natural looking appearance that provides an amazing fee to the people live in the home. It is user friendly flooring that you can purchase at reasonable prices online. From light to dark, there are various shades of brown, red, black and golden available in these floors to choose favorite one. Apart from this, the floors are featured with extreme stability and termite resistance due to their construction from real wood.