Wood Species – Cumaru/Brazilian Teak

Brief Introduction

Name of the wood:     Cumaru/Tonka bean/Brazilian Teak

Source of the wood:   South America

Latin name:   Dipteryx spp.

Family of the wood:   Leguminosaea

Morphological characteristics

Characteristics of the wood:

Sapwood is different from heart wood that is russet brown or red brown with strips greatly. The sapwood is yellowish-white with its 2-4mm thickness. The growth ring is a little obvious.We can see pore by sight with excellent wood gloss. Wet cumaru wood contains a little fragrant of Bison Grass which is not a preferent smell for some people. It also brings a sense of wax and oil when you touch on it with interlocked grain that makes many people like to use cumaru floors.

Property of the wood:

It has a large shrinkage which is nearly 7.6%-8.3% tangential shrinkage rate and 5.0%-5.1%radial shrinkage rate. It also performs favourable stability and weight with 0.91-0.97g/cm3 hardness ,1.07-1.11g/cm3 air-dry density, 97-111 MPa compression strength parallel to grain, 173-293 MPa bending strength and 17.9-22.0 GPa MOE.

Advantages of Brazilian Teak

Resistance to corrosion ,wear and termite

Dragon-liked clear and unique grain shows nobleness of your house

Very suitable to be used on dry and cold areas

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